Covid and Corruption 22.04.21

I'm becoming increasingly despairing of the way our society is becoming increasingly mind-controlled.  Whenever I used to read about Hitler and Nazi Germany, I found it hard to believe how the German people voted for Hitler.
Surely they can't be that different - or any different - from most British people or the human race, generally.

For the first time over several decades of adult life, I now realise how easily the minds of most of the German race were manipulated by the Nazis into acting so obediently, irrationally and often barbarically during WW2 and the Holocaust. It happens when you have an obsequious, complicit media like ours that no longer investigates certain issues or allows dissenting expert views that are regarded as “off message” by the Establishment.
The scary thing is that instead of Hitler and Nazi Germany we now have global corporate propaganda polluting our minds on an even bigger scale.

Many of us dislike and distrust politicians - quite understandably - and we don't much care for the media, generally but when it comes down to it, we seem to trust the media, governments and the Establishment if they tell us that what we must do is is based on science.
The problem of course, is that science nowadays is largely polluted by PR disinformation from the big corporations - especially Big Pharma.
When you have a dominant group of people who have been brain washed by the ruling hegemony and media they form a "group-think" and think they must be right because most others agree with them. They also feel they have to justify themselves - they are not going to admit they might lack authenticity i.e. a mind of their own.
So-called independent bodies like the World Health Organization may not be really that independent - they have ties with Big Pharma. Politicians may say they follow the science but it seems more the case that science follows the politicians...and big business.
When I see so much corruption in the world around me, I find it very hard to believe that the big corporations will not try to conceal the true number of side effects and true efficacy of their drugs and vaccines.
I'm not saying that these issues are entirely black and white but I'm convinced that there is more than enough going on that should be investigated by the mainstream media.

As I've said before, it's not just Covid that we should worry about - I think we should worry about the corruption and increasing divisions in society - bitter divisions: There are those who take the vaccine and those who choose not to and both sides are treating each other with much disdain.

There have always been critical turning points in History - even in my life time - I think this Covid issue has exposed the corruption in our society and has triggered a crisis that will have enormous repercussions in our increasingly angry and divided society.


Even before Covid, it seemed to me obvious that our society is becoming less and less democratic and surveillance of our citizens is more and more intensively pursued by the powers that be.

It is noteworthy that our Intelligence Services have been vastly expanded and the right to protest has been severely restricted.

Meanwhile we hear that there have been numerous illegal and thuggish actions by Intelligence operatives and members of the Police Force.

In fact a new Act seems to blatantly allow Intelligence operatives carte blanche to act outside the law.


I believe there are dangerous times ahead because there is so much fake information out there – both in the mainstream media and social media and when people can’t trust the source of their information that is a recipe for civil unrest. I think civil unrest is almost inevitable while politics is so embroiled in big business donors and cronyism. Big corporations run the world now and politicians are their willing puppets.