Heightened Awareness – a Pandora’s Box? 13.06.22

It can be very lonely out there when many people – maybe most people - reject some of your most firmly held ideas and beliefs and scoff at your assertions even though they may often fail to have coherent or real counter arguments themselves.

This loss of popularity or maybe even friends is a risk you take if you choose to be true to yourself while digging deeper into the complexity and dark mysteries or machinations of the world’s political or economic systems and institutions.

Not everyone can accept those who choose individual authenticity over those who the crowd.

Honest, radical thinkers have, throughout history, been persecuted and even executed as heretics. This is still happening – if only metaphorically – with the smearing and cancelling of expert opinions that differ from the official line.


As humans, many of us seem to be hard wired to seek certainty and security in our lives.

We like simple answers to what might be admittedly complex, angst ridden issues.

Heightened awareness helps us to realise that there are no easy answers to some problems but but that we just have to accept some uncertainties in life.

On the road to increased awareness, one of the biggest challenges to overcome is the fact that our peer group or friends and family may not agree with our world own views and this may cause huge divisions in our relationships.


Seeking the truth and seeking too much awareness can often be seen as a threat to the power of the ruling elites: They don’t want the masses to be too aware of what’s really going on in the world. They don’t want the masses to be aware of their manipulations and monopolistic control of the world’s resources.

At the time of writing this article in 2022, the world is in a particularly unstable and volatile state.

The media is more full of propaganda, biased information, disinformation and downright lies than ever, so it is very difficult to become aware of what’s going on unless we turn to alternative media.

Then of course, much alternative media is rubbish too and so we just have to learn how to shop around to find the information that rings with the most truth. One real clincher for finding the truth is when the authorities are found to have swept previous documented official information ‘under the carpet’ because it doesn’t fit with their latest ‘official narrative’ that they want to push.

Another way of finding the truth is by unearthing actual government statistics that contradict what the ‘official narrative’ tells us. This happens all the time but the mainstream media turns a blind eye.

The ‘official narrative’s’ cancel culture policy of banning dissident views is pushed continually by the mere handful of complicit companies that own the entire mainstream media: This monopoly of neo-liberal supporting companies all ‘sing from the same hymn sheet’. Because of this mainstream media monopoly, there is a huge black hole that has swallowed up any attempts at decent investigative reporting that wants to find the real truth beneath the propaganda.

So really, what it all boils down to is that you should never blindly trust authority until you’ve investigated their motives, checked out their history and their accountability.

In short, the powers that be are becoming increasingly corrupt – both in financial matters and in spirit. These same power elites are determined to squash every hint of individuality and attempts at awareness that we aspire to because that would threaten their aims at world governance and technocrat control freakery.


All the above issues of awareness of the world around us can only be properly understood if we also develop self-awareness along with worldly awareness.

True awareness can only come with the recognition that we are all born equal.

Seeking true awareness is life changing and not always an easy task – especially when having to contend with a deceitful, propagandist media, but worth the effort. Increasing our self awareness and awareness of the world around us is an exciting journey where we throw away our preconceptions and begin to explore the workings of the world around us from the perspective of others. Empathising with others is not just a means of virtue signalling but a means of achieving

real knowledge and insights into human society - and indeed improving our own self knowledge and character development from the subsequent feedback.

It makes us better people, authentic, more fully rounded and interesting individuals.

Obviously, there is no such thing as having a complete knowledge about everything but I think increased awareness and knowledge should be regarded as an ongoing ‘work in progress’. 

To be more aware means having a passion for the truth – though this may sometimes mean having to accept unpalatable facts.

One thing is for sure - once you’ve embarked on the journey of increased awareness, there’s no turning back – you can’t pretend the mind broadening experiences that have already awakened you never happened.