Life without Meaning

(First written in 20012 with ongoing updates)

I think one of the important changes in modern life in the UK and Europe is that we are becoming less religious and we are having to adapt to the new wave of atheism and agnosticism. Many of us are increasingly beginning to doubt the authority of the Bible, which after all, wasn't written by God himself, but by many human beings creating their own interepretations of the truth and therefore lacking in objectivity.
In the past, many of us felt that we ultimately had God on our side and that gave us some degree of certainty and security in life; but now many of us are beginning to question the validity of such religious beliefs as science presents us with alternative theories: But still, religious dogma persists.

Why do we feel the need for there to be a purpose behind our existence?
Let's just suppose for a moment that if there is a meaning and purpose for our existence: Just what would that purpose be?
Humankind seems to be intent on destroying itself and the planet. Humankind contributes absolutely nothing to the sustainability or evolution of the universe. I'm sure the universe could manage perfectly well without humankind altogether.


So why do we need a God? Why would a God need us? Why do we create this fantasy super-parent figure... so we can shirk from taking responsibilities for our own actions and morality? Do we really need someone or something on high to dictate to us their rules on morality? I really don't think we are acting morally if we simply behave well because we are told to or because of the fear of punishment. Surely, we should behave well because we feel empathy with others and a desire for harmony.
Another question might be: Surely, wouldn't a perfect being produce other perfect beings, or for that matter, why would they bother to produce anything because God is supposed to be already perfect? Why should an omnipotent God create an imperfect world with imperfect people?
Why would God create anything - for his own amusement, perhaps? I'm not sure I like that idea...
My view is that there is an energy or life force behind everything and that it has always been there and always be: In other words, there has always got to be something: I think the concept of absolute nothingness is an absurdity. I mean if I empty a box of matches, we would all agree that the box is empty. However, it is only empty of visible substance but it is always full of invisible gas particles of some sort. According to modern scientific understanding, even in outer space, a vacuum will always contain a few hydrogen atoms, gamma and cosmic rays: So there is always something.
Because I think substance and energy of some sort, however dilute or invisible, have always been and always will be part of the universe by default - then surely we don't need to look for a God or indeed a purpose for our existence.
I just don't believe in a God or any supernatural force that can create miracles or impose its will over the laws of nature. I feel that we are just thrown on to this earth, as it were, and have to simply get on with things and make life as comfortable and pleasant as possible for each our mutual interests.


So that leaves me with the feeling that everything exists by chance - that this life force doesn't create stuff for any purpose - it creates stuff because it just can't help itself....